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Self-Secretariat (Poem)

Published on Portfolio: Ithaca College's Distinguished Visiting Writers' Master Class with Thomas Sayers Ellis
Published in collection of student work, Collage Comics


One foot in front of the other. 
Best one first, best one second, third— 
don’t stumble, don’t trip in stolen glass slippers and ruin a perfect finish: 
keep your toes garnished in coconut polish. 
Keep your head held high, eyes on target, 
deadlines locked, hedges trimmed, eyelashes 
curled for kisses. 
Load, reload, rewrite, free-write, scrap, wrinkle 


Sean said ginger hair always looks better 
tangled up in fingertips, 
not spritzed in vanilla-scented spirals,but 
fussed with, fucked with, 
left alone. Don’t, I say, do not 
tie it up, shut it in, push-and-pull or 

Beneath a paper doll’s sugar-breath 
is the thick mix of caramel and nuts— 
a whiskey sour sweetheart tastes of pavement crumbs, dirt, 
grass and weeds and dust and salted