For Edie or Never Ago

"He woke up the next day early, and I woke up to his guitar, sour-tuned, and Adam hissing curses at a popped string. Your love’s allergic to the cold, I said, cocooning in the cot, willing the thin pillow to muffle him. His runs and lines were the same, a soft thrum then a hard note, like a hammered note on an old piano, a kid’s glee at finding the highest note on the far right, hitting it with popsicle-slick hands. Over and over, I remembered it."

Thesis - Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing (Fiction)

Master of Fine Arts thesis, completed April 2020 at University of Massachusetts, Boston. FLOTSAM is a novel in short stories that explores near-dystopian scenarios informed by contemporary American socio-political issues. Each story focuses on the predicament of a low or middle class person, all of whom must cope with their crumbling, thinning environment and subsequent, pervasive feelings of loneliness and isolation. Among its many themes, ‘Halogen’ explores how humans try to cope with mass, widespread violence; ‘Cooperstown’ reflects on the stark inequities of privatized healthcare; and ‘Flotsam’ examines coastal erosion and ocean contamination in the Pacific northwest. The thesis explores the forms prose writing might take in light of a post-Globalist ideological movement and post-catastrophe urban flight.

The 11 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Boston

(List Feature) Being a city with so many college kids, Boston is nothing without its watering-hole breakfast and hip brunch spots all across the metropolitan area. You can find them in tucked-away corners in Brighton and Allston and in hotspots packed to the gills in Cambridge and Somerville. You can indulge in everything from midnight-munchies-inspired dishes and family-style plates to a full Irish breakfast with coffee. Here are Culture Trip’s favorite places to go.